Entrance Examination

Published: 2021-02-26
2019 MBBS Entrance Exam Instruction In order to improve the quality of our MBBS students, we will carry out the MBBS entrance exam in 2019. The specific rules are as follows:Preparation before the exam:1. Information to be confirmed with the Indian Ad…


Published: 2021-02-26
MBBS入学考试说明为提高我校MBBS生源质量,我们将开展MBBS入学考试,具体细则如下:一、 考前准备(一) 需与印度招生机构确认的信息1. 考场数量。2. 参加考试人数。3. 试卷邮寄地址。(二) 需提供给印度招生机构的信息1. 考试时间。2. 对考生的要求。考生需携带…